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Went shopping yesterday after work and a shower, bought a few new shirts (I even bought a halter top!!!) and like 80 billion new pairs of underwear ^^; I've bene having a bad weekend, so I really neded it. Umm worked an hour and a half of over time this monring because of the Clark ward. That's driving me crazy ^^ heh but hey, this pay check is gonna be alot bigger than my last one so no complaints.

Meh I twisted my ankle again yesterday :(

Umm I'm currently redying my hair ^^; I bought new clothes yesterday I guess new hair and makeup and eyebrows should accompany it :-p after I wash out the dye I'mma try to finish my art project ^^ and maybe grab some lunch a salad or something..or wait til Dean gets back into town and make him buy me dinner :-p Hee hee hee

Anywho :-p I drew a picture last night with some oil based paints I picked up I didn't have a canvas or the right brush tho >< Ruined my watercolor brush but heh the picture is kinda neat.
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Anywho time to rise out stuffs!!! byeee!!
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