Jin (false_intensity) wrote,

Hmm witness an update

Der...college has turned out to be really nifty, so far I'm maintaining a 4.0 :-) working my tooshie off taking 16 credit hours a semester...i'm currently a double major in fine arts and art history, and a minor in post modern literature. I plan on going to spring hill right after graduation and getting my masters in art education. I wanna work in art therapy...still working at the vet clinic, I've moved up to surgery technician and all I ever do is work... *le die* I get in roughly 35 hours a week at work...speaking of... I need to go to work in 15 minutes...*grins* but I figured I'd give everyone an update and what have you. I'm still alive I swear. Daryl and I moved into a townhouse on springhill with our kittens. (and p.s. I picked out my engagement ring saturday) But uh anywho...things are going well I miss peoples, and daryl's out of town tonight, so I think I'm going to hang out with Steven and rebecca t'will be fun! :-p Getting all gross and drunk before spring break's over :-p ha ha!! jk...

Anyway erm hi everyone!!...byee!

<3 Jin
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