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Meh last day of spring freaking break *sobby* daryl's been out of town so i've been cleaning and stuff heh I actually haven't been lazy. Ooo saw V for vendetta last night...twas so much fun ^^; Twas actually a good movie...Whoo hoo for vertigo comics! *beamage* the marvel vs. dc on the big screen is so funny but that's another story. But yes...cleaning and watching the simpsons and family guy doing graphic design homework I have to design a logo for a security company in mobile...meh it's kinda sucking >< but I've done the prelim. thumbnail sketches.

not really alot to talk about. wednesday I have to go back to the doctor to check up on my cholesterol problems >< whoo! A dietician but then again might help with my "stop being fat" plan :-p Oden and tribble (my cats) are havign their 1 year birthday party April 1st, it's an average of their actual birthdays I bought a kitty cat cookbook and little hats >< though I know they won't wear the hats for long i'm hoping ot get in atleast one picture. :-p they'r emy babies!! ha ha! I'll post whatever i get lol umm but other than that, bio test next monday should be fun it's on the 11 internal systems teching it out at work has come in really handy with that :-p

Umm but yes...byee!

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